The HIFU therapy is a non invasive medical procedure using focused ultrasound that can effectively treat sagging skin. Over time, our face tends to loosen.  This technique is particularly effective in restoring the oval face, sagging neck, dealing a double chin and the "crumpled" appearance of cleavage. It also provides a "lift effect" on drooping eyelids,  HIFU stands for High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (high intensity focused ultrasound). This technology came from the United States has demonstrated its effectiveness on thousands of patients, which earned him to receive the precious FDA approval for the treatment of sagging skin. Its operation is comparable to that of the sun rays that pass through a magnifying glass to come to focus at a single point The handpiece that is applied to the face will focus repeatedly on the same line about ten focused ultrasound beams. These will produce tiny bleeding points with a retraction attending the retightening deep tissue (muscles, fascia) and superficial (facial skin), like a mini-facelift. After interrogation and physical examination led to much research against-indications, the practitioner performs a specific marking of treatment areas. The face, neck and décolleté and will be divided into "rectangles" in which a number of "shots" will be performed. The ultrasound gel is applied to the face in order to correctly transmit the "fire" made by the transducers. In general, two series of shots at different depths are necessary: ââthey are thus two "lines" of coagulation to be completed in a manner superimposed on all the areas to be treated.


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