Laser Hair Removal for Men and Women

Laser and permanent hair removal

Laser techniques: Laser treatment is a real social revolution. It greatly helps to get rid of unwanted hair in a quick, painless and efficient manner

The use of lasers is based on skin type, color and coarseness of the hair, and the area. Developed over a decade ago, lasers have gradually replaced electrolysis. They can quickly treat large areas such as legs, bikini line, and underarms with nearly permanent results. Laser produces a beam of light that is absorbed by the pigment of the hair - the darker the hair, the better the result. When touched, the hair and bulb are destroyed. Intense pulsed light or flash lamp bring excellent results in Nordic countries (some sunshine and fair skin types) but there is a risk of depigmentation or hyperpigmentation in darker skin types, such as North African or Asian. But a new generation of laser, the ND-YAG, offers new opportunities for brunettes and allows safe, permanent hair removal regardless of skin color and degree of sun exposure. For blonds or redheads, laser hair removal is definitely not effective
Can we eliminate all hair in one sitting?

No. Laser is only effective on hairs in the growth (anagen) phase. We must plan a number of sessions ranging from May to August spread over 12 months, and two additional meetings possible in the following year (full hair cycle).

To understand the need for multiple sessions, be aware that at no time are all the hairs at the same stage of growth. Each one, independent of the others, leads its short life cycle.

After the first laser session, most of the hairs that were in the anagen phase are eliminated. For the rest, it takes 4 to 6 weeks before starting a new session. On legs, bikini line and underarms, just 4 to 5 sessions are required to get a satisfactory result. For the mustache, the hair is thinner and the hair cycle faster, 7-9 sessions are necessary.

1 - growth phase (anagen) hair is attached to the bulb, the laser will be fully effective in destroying the hair bulb
2 - Stage of maturity (catagen): the hair is detached from the bulb, the laser will not destroy the bulb
3 - resting phase (telogen): No hair.

Are the results permanent?

The results of this technique are impressive; they allow for permanent hair removal and often near-final results of 90%, even 95% in some areas.

In some cases, the approach of menopause and hormonal changes can affect hair growth.

Is it painful?

A little, but it is still very bearable. Treatment involves a series of pulses which are accompanied by a tingling sensation. We can compare the sensation to that of the getting twanged with a rubber band. Most patients tolerate this treatment without anesthesia. Patients who wish to can ask for EMLA anesthetic cream.

What precautions before a laser session?

Patients should report all medications, as some react to light, and treatment should not be undertaken until the drug is out of the system.
The treatment area must be shaved - waxed or tweezed - three days before the session.

What precautions after a laser session?

You will be recommended a moisturizer for hours following treatment. Sunscreen should be used in case of sunny weather.
Treatment should be done under the supervision of a physician because it is a medical procedure. A consultation prior to treatment allows the doctor to assess your needs and give you all the information about the benefits and limitations of this treatment, as well as the potential risks and precautions.

Temporary hair removal using wax, and permanent hair removal by electrolysis may still remain widely used, but they are not the best current practice.

In fact, laser or other solutions such as pulsed light are attracting more and more women who want to get rid of unwanted hair permanently and without discomfort before the hair turns white - by which time only painful hair-by-hair electrolysis remains effective.

Laser hair removal is the only permanent hair removal method to ensure sustainable, stable and prolonged results. It does sometimes require 6 to 10 sessions depending on the region concerned, but it leaves the skin beautifully silky.

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