Located in the heart of the northern suburbs of Tunis in a welcoming and warm environment, La Marsa Medical Laser Centre has an excellent team of medical specialists supported by fine technicians in Aesthetic Medicine and Anti-Aging, Dermatology and Cosmetic Surgery, providing support for a comprehensive body esthetic that is realistic and natural.

The center is also equipped with the next-generation lasers for the treament of:

     * Permanent or semi-permanent hair removal
     * Rosacea
     * Erythrosis
     * Spider veins of the lower limbs
     * Facial and abdominal skin tightening (resurfacing and remodeling)
     * Photo rejuvenation
     * Pigmentation disorders




                                                                          Doctor in charge of the center : Dr BEN ROMDHANE Fadhel

                                                                          Aesthetic Doctor and Anti Aging

                                                                          Aesthetic Laser


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