Why a facelift?

Over the years, cheeks and skin tend to sag, wrinkles deepen, brows become heavy, sometimes giving a sad expression to the face. A loss of fullness, the appearance of jowls, and a deepening of nasolabial grooves occur.

A personal lift

The term refers to any operation to correct the sagging skin and muscles of the face and neck.

There is no single "lifting type". Our surgical interventions are adapted to the needs and expectations of the patient with the goal of creating a natural result.

We can incorporate a variety of lifting techniques. A temple lift smoothes the corner of the eye and cheekbone. A brow lift raises the skin and muscles of the forehead, and a cervicofacial lift firms the jowls and neck. The latter technique may be combined with liposuction of the neck if there is excess fat or, conversely, with fat filling where there is a need for increased volume in the cheeks and/or lower eyelids.

This is a process of rejuvenation that gives excellent, long-lasting results in harmony with your face.

This is to differentiate between beautification lifts or morphological alteration (mask-lifts) that aim to change the axis of the eyes and the shape of the cheekbones.


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