Laser wrinkle treatment

Laser wrinkle treatment

Laser treatment of wrinkles: to improve the appearance of the skin
While botulinum toxin acts on the muscles to reduce wrinkles, and hyaluronic acid removes wrinkles by restoring lost volume, laser wrinkle treatment operates in the upper layers of the skin to improve the general appearance.

Two techniques of laser wrinkle treatment
Laser wrinkle treatment uses two separate tools that each have a specific areas of intervention: fractional laser improves skin texture as a whole for superficial wrinkles and CO2 laser abrades deep wrinkles of the skin.

The fractional laser treatment of wrinkles
Operating on the principle of dermabrasion, fractional laser wrinkle treatment allows skin renewal through deep action.

Fractional laser is quite suitable for the treatment of superficial and medium wrinkles, causing an "anti-aging" of the face, neck, décolleté and hands. Fractional laser can also treat some stretch marks and scars.

Fractional laser wrinkle treatment can be performed on all areas of the body and to any skin tone. It is an intermediate technique between laser resurfacing and remodeling.

The treatment of wrinkles with CO2 laser
Because of its significant abrasive power, CO2 laser is used for the treatment of deep wrinkles and on skin that has lost its elasticity. The treatment of facial wrinkles with CO2 laser is mainly done on the eyelids or around the mouth.
CO2 laser wrinkle treatment, also known as "laser resurfacing”, is ideal for eyes and vertical wrinkles around the mouth.
For very wrinkled skin, CO2 laser treatment can be done to the whole face, but the after-effects are more significant and require greater post-operative care.

The result of laser treatment of wrinkles
The face as a whole appears rejuvenated, gently refreshed: the skin firmer, more toned and of finer quality.

The laser treatment of wrinkles is now perfectly codified and mastered. It requires an excellent therapeutic monitoring, but performed by a specialist, it can leave skin toned, even and refreshed.

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