Treatment of noze,lips and chin

Dermal filling is the perfect solution for lips that have thinned over time, or where lipstick bleeds into vertical cracks. The result of the procedure is always very attractive. We can rediscover the original curve of the lips and the central "cupid's bow". Again, today’s products and techniques mean that the old “silicone look” is no more.

Nose and profile

Whenever one speaks of the nose in aesthetic medicine it is to correct its prominence and its deviations, in short, all its differences of style and proportion. You’re not alone if you don’t like your nose. Many people are critical of its shape, style, size and proportion.

The nose also undergoes a constant aging that can be corrected easily. Moreover, it can be significantly corrected after being traumatized by accident, or more frequently, by a rhinoplasty (nose surgery) itself. Surgery, although sometimes unavoidable, no longer has a monopoly on correcting the nose and aesthetic profile. In fact, quite often-successful rhinoplasty causes longer-term changes such as shrinkage and twisting of the operated areas that then makes the past surgery very obvious. A very simple injection of dermal filler at the bridge, peak or tip of the nose makes it possible to simplify and harmonize its shape and size to the rest of the profile.

Clients are always amazed at the significance of the result obtained by the simple injection of a small quantity of filler, possibly repeated after a few weeks.

In other more complex cases, medical treatment will not solve the problem, but at least it can make an unbearable situation tolerable.

So why undergo a heavy, complicated, risky surgery, when you can make a change simply safely and effectively? The treatment of small bump on the nose is a perfect example.


Representative of the character and personality of a person, - one often has one’s father’s or mother’s chin - the chin can sometimes be improved by relaxing over contraction with a botulinum toxin injection (botox) or filling with an injection of hyaluronic acid.

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