Treatment of cheekbones

Treatment of cheekbones

The appearance of the face depends very much on its musculature, a little on the bone structure (heredity) and a bit on the skin’s condition (age, lifestyle). It also depends on our habits (laughing, smoking) and on dental morphology.

One of the areas most often affected by rapid weight loss or as a result of natural fat loss in the cheek area after the age of forty are the cheekbones.
The injection of fillers or the client’s own fat to the cheekbone area is without a shadow of a doubt the best possible medical technology outside surgical techniques (face lift, barbed threads etc.) to lift the middle third of the face.

Volume and harmony: a young face is first and foremost a full face.


The technique involves the injection - after a local anesthetic - of fillers or fat at a single point of penetration in order to slow the effects of gravity.



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