The technique of using micro-injections into the skin has been used in China, India and Egypt for more than five millennia. Today, the injections are made up of complex vitamins, trace elements, plant extracts and purified hyaluronic acid: this stimulation induces the formation of new collagen and elastin, creating a real biological lift.

In cosmetic dermatology, it is used primarily in anti-aging programs to lift and tone sagging skin on the face, neck and décolleté. Used on the body, it is an effective aid in cellulite treatments.


The problems
• sagging skin of the face, neck and décolleté.
• dull complexion.
• cellulite.

The technique
Micro-intradermal injections performed in series with specific mixtures, tailored to your needs.

The program
• One or  twice seances a year.

The results
• Instant radiance
• Firming effect (face and neck).
• Reduction of fine lines and improved tone (neck and décolleté).
• Reduction of cellulite.

The advantages of the technique
• No down time.

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