Dermal filling techniques

That wouldn’t want to look rejuvenated? With dermal filling it is possible to restore a more youthful appearance quickly and completely. Above all, our aim is to maintain the natural appearance and general harmony of the face. To accomplish this, we respect the individual characteristics of each person, and avoid stereotypical standards such as the over-full lips and high cheekbones of the "Barbie doll".


Dermal fillers can be absorbable (9 months), semi-permanent (12 to 30 months)or permanent. Today's products restore greater volumes with longer results than in the past.
The principle volumizing products available today are polylactic acid, cross-linked hyaluronic acid, and acrylamide.

The cannula injections of calcium hydroxyapatite (Radiesse ®), used to fill wrinkles and restore facial volume as the cheekbones or oval face with a lasting effect from 18 months to 3 years.

These fillers have different molecular forms and can, over several months, fade both superficial and deep wrinkles of the face. They can also be used to increase lip volume and reduce acne scars effectively. Of course, the possibility of injection of non-absorbable products exists for those who want a quasi-definitive result.

Recommended Use:
• Filling of shallow and deep wrinkles of the face and neck.
• Increasing volume of lips, chin and/or cheekbones.
• Filling of scars on the face and body (including acne scars).

The technique
Multiple injections using a product and method tailored to suit your particular needs.

Once or twice a year, sometimes less.

Excellent, provided that a trained specialist, experienced in these methods, does the treatment. With the right practitioner, reshaping the mouth, cheeks or cheekbones is fast and easy. On aging skin, it is possible to obtain significant rejuvenation. The results are good provided you avoid excesses.
The key is to find a practitioner whom you can trust, one who can offer you what you actually need and/or refer you to a colleague with a more appropriate or complementary technique. This assures the right procedure for you and avoids unnecessary risks. As with any medical cosmetic procedure, one technique does not replace another; rather they can be complementary.

The advantages of the technique:
• Immediate improvement.
• Minimal side effects.
• Little or no discomfort
• No need to take time off work or from your social life
• Risk-free

• For injections of collagen, two skin tests are required 15 days apart, to minimize the risk of delayed hypersensitivity.


Fat implanting or filling is another way to provide foundation for facial volume, or when a lot of volume is required.

Advantages: reduced cost of the implant (the client’s own fat) and no risk of foreign body reaction or allergy.
Disadvantages: sometimes several sessions of injections are required to achieve a stable result, and the donor tissue has to be extracted using local anesthesia.

Fat injection is a simple and fast to reshape the mouth, cheeks or cheekbones. The results are good if you avoid excesses.

We can also reduce areas that are too large if they are made of fatty tissue like the double chin, jowls and cheeks. We use local injections of adipolytic products, which destroy fat cells and refine the lower face.

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