Botox injection

Injections of Dysport, Botox/Vistabel or more recently Xeomin (purified protein extracted from Clostridium botulinum) can reduce or erase the wrinkles of the face, especially forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet.

The result is similar to a facelift without surgery! These injections are used on other parts of the face, neck, chin, nose and décolleté with very precise results.
Note that today we do a Nefertiti Lift, which involves injecting botulinum toxin to the oval of the face or lower jaw to address jowls and create a subtle neck lift.


The technique: Multiple intramuscular punctures with a fine needle to the area(s) requiring treatment.

Frequency: Every six months

• Stunning Results: lifting effect without surgery!
• Get that relaxed and rested “just back from vacation” look.

The advantages of the technique
• A rapid and precise technique.
• No anaesthesia required.
• Erases existing wrinkles already present and delays the appearance of new wrinkles.
• No down time.

The price per session

About 230 Euros for women to complete a Botox treatment of the forehead and around 300 Euros for men. Of course, we will provide a free estimate at the first consultation.


• Botox can also be used in the treatment of axillary hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating of the armpits, hands and feet) with lasting results (almost a year). It also effectively treats some forms of migraines.
• Contrary to popular belief, it is quite possible to maintain an expressive face after a session of Dysport or Botox/Vistabel injections when a skilled practitioner administers them.


Complications are very rare.

The complications known to date are:


- Headaches: they may occur right after the first injections and disappear after a few hours to several days.

- Ptosis or the eyebrows: the injection of the forehead may cause a slight lowering of the eyebrows. This descent can occur when the eyebrows were already in good position before the injection. This slight lowering of the eyebrows usually regresses within weeks.

- Ptosis of the eyelids: the injection of frown lines can cause a partial collapse of the upper eyelid, which can last 4-8 weeks. It is rare (less than 1% of cases), and always disappears after a few weeks.

- Discomfort when smiling and/or swallowing: injection into the lips can cause discomfort when smiling or small, abnormal movements. Injection in the neck can cause difficulty in swallowing.

- Dry eye: Reduced tear secretion may cause keratitis, especially in patients with contact lenses. (In this case, make sure to use moisturizing eye drops before and after treatment.)

- Paradoxical muscle contractions and distorted facial expression: in the days following the injection, the treated muscles may have some paradoxical movements (spontaneous contractions), but these symptoms are not serious.


They are quite unusual:

- Allergic reaction: skin rash, hives, general allergic reaction.

- Nausea, dizziness

- Fatigue, fever, flu-like symptoms

- Dry skin or mouth.

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