Anti-Aging Medecine

Anti-aging medicine addresses the cause of premature aging and the gradual effects of aging over time. We begin to age as soon as we stop growing.

The causes are many: lifestyle, stress, the level of physical activity and eating behaviors are all significantly involved.

The modern diet contains too much refined carbohydrates, a lack of fruits and vegetables, an imbalance of essential fatty acids omega 3 and 6, low intakes of dietary fiber, imbalanced sodium and potassium, magnesium deficiency, too many calories and a lack of protective micronutrients.

Excess and deficiency of nutrients combine in the presence of toxic molecules to weaken the metabolic pathways involved in the optimal functioning of the body.

In addition, because each of us is a unique being - not only morphologically but also biochemically - generalized recommendations regarding any nutrient are not effective. Real improvement requires a personalized assessment that creates a tailored program.

Anti-aging medicine establishes an inventory of your personal nutritional status, stress and activity with a specific assessment to determine your body’s true needs, allowing you to benefit fully from the best medical advances in this area.


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