Hair Removal - Bikini

Hair removal of the bikini line has gone past its original goal of eliminating unwanted hair beyond the panty line, and has become an esthetic in itself.

Just as there are haircuts, there are now “looks” for the pubis:

Classic bikini swimsuit epilation
Brazilian bikini
Metro ticket bikini
American bikini
Triangle bikini
Full bikini


The classic bikini:
The classic bikini follows the contours of a normal swimsuit. It is the conventional procedure just to remove hair protruding from the bathing suit.

The Brazilian bikini:
In this case the classic bikini is not enough and a more trimmed look is desired. Note that the size of the trim is not limited to the width of the bathing suit bottom but also to the thickness of the "tuft". Depending on the desired effect, we can shorten the hair to achieve a satisfactory result.

Metro ticket hair removal:
The name "Metro ticket" is of course a reference to the shape of a subway ticket. The subway ticket bikini creates a vertical strip with a width of 3-4 cm above the vulva. Hair is removed on the labia majora.

The American bikini:
A pretty variation of the metro ticket, it's the same but much thinner. The band above the vulva is a width of less than 1 cm. The final aspect is that of a thin strip.

The triangle bikini:
Original and attractive, this look leaves a triangle of hair immediately above the vulva.

The full bikini:
This strips all hair from the pubic area, labia included. Hair in the inter-gluteal furrow and anal region are usually also removed.
The entire pubic area is smooth and soft, totally devoid of any hair.

For more details and choice of epilation styles, please contact us.

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