Treatment of dark circles

The “eyes have it” in aesthetics!

With age, the eyes may suffer in a variety of ways: the accumulation of fat or excess skin at the upper and lower eyelids, loss of fat from the lower eyelids, sagging eyebrows... The result is drooping eyelids, bags under the eyes or sunken eyes that age the face. Today, eyelifts are no longer the sole province of plastic surgeons.

How can you look younger without going under the knife?
For each of these defects, both cosmetic medical and surgical solutions exist:

How to fix sunken eyes?
- By injecting filler (hyaluronic acid) or
- By lipofilling or autologous fat. This is taken with a syringe from the abdomen, hips or buttocks, then centrifuged and purified, and reinjected.
Bruising may occur with both hyaluronic acid and lipofilling. The result with hyaluronic acid is less durable (8 months to 1 year) than with fat transposition or lipofilling (1 – 2 years).

- By malar lift - lifting the tissue that has slipped down over time at the rim of the eye socket.

- By injection of platelet extracts obtained by taking a blood sample just as one does in a laboratory, followed by centrifugation. The platelet concentrate is collected and injected subcutaneously into the hollow area as filler. This often requires 2 to 3 sessions.

How to fix dark circles?
There are no definitive solutions to date, although certain peels as well as laser treatment can provide some improvement.

How to correct wrinkles?
Forehead frown lines or crow's feet can be erased with Botox injections. The effect is immediate, nearly painless and undetectable by others, but lasts only six months on average. A new technique for the wrinkles of the lower eyelid is to inject CO2 gas (Carboxytherapy) in the dermis but it only lasts a few weeks.

How to fix sagging eyebrows?
Most often botulin toxin (Botox) injections suffice. It is possible to raise the outside of the eyebrow with a temporal lift and the entire eyebrow by an endoscopic brow lift. The installation of barbed thread, also called The Model’s Clip, is also a solution.

Eyelid surgery or blepharoplasty removes excess fat and skin on the upper or lower eyelids. The incision is hidden in a natural crease or carried along the lash line and is virtually undetectable. If there is no excess skin to be removed, no incision is necessary and the fat pockets are removed internally. This procedure is usually performed in women and men over forty. The operation does not require hospitalization and usually takes place under local anesthesia.

The removal of bags under the eyes and reconnection of the skin gives a more rested, more alert appearance. This intervention provides rejuvenation and radiance to the face. We offer pre-and postoperative treatments in order to promote healing, reduce swelling, and maximize results. Total sun protection should be applied to the incision for a month.
A normal appearance is obtained after two weeks; the scar becomes invisible after two months. The result continues a dozen years.

Longer eyelashes
Of course, the application of eyelash extensions provides an immediate aesthetic improvement to the look of the eyes, but another approach is possible. The recent appearance of a new medical treatment (LATISSE. Allergan Lab) approved by the FDA and originally intended for the treatment of glaucoma is a prescription treatment used to grow eyelashes, making them longer, thicker and darker.


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