Goals of Cryolipolysis
Cryolipolysis or destruction of the "fat by cold" consists of a reduction of localized fat tissue, painless, non-surgical and selective.
Most of Cryolipolysis
The fat pads located primarily, for which the plans and the sport have done anything except a gentle liposuction or laser lipolysis, unique solutions.
- Horse Panties
- Love handle
- The inner thighs
- Knees
- Hips
The desired effect is programmed death of the fat cell apoptosis, or a sudden drop in temperature.
The technique involves applying a shell-shaped apparatus on the suck zone. Then caused by the vacuum, the fatty fold fits the bottom of the hull and the temperature of the fat tissue will change from a temperature varying from 42 ° Cs to - 7 ° Cs and vice versa, by destroying the same, the envelope protector of the fat cell.
An inflammatory process is triggered, shy at first (after 48 hours), it is maximum 20 days. However the visible maximum result is observed after 3 months due to a gradual elimination thanks to macrophages that will engulf and eliminate fat cells and by natural means, lymphatic or venous.
It takes between one to 3 sessions maximum to get the best lipolytic effect
Of course it is clear that Cryolipolysis practice at a constant calorie diet or calorie slightly for a faster result.

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