Tripollar radiofrequency

The new Kontur MD tissue tightening and body contouring device from Carismed (Germany) employs innovative CMF/TOP technology that differentiates it from other multipolar radiofrequency systems. With oscillating polarities and frequency changes, a volumetric heating of dermal and subcutaneous tissue may improve collagen contraction (for skin tightening) and subcutaneous metabolism (for cellulite and body contouring). The sophisticated technology, tunable RF, and range of multipolar handpieces allows tailored treatments for face and body applications



The current treatment of stretch marks red and white is a continuous stimulation of fibroblasts and a gradual elimination of the superficial layer of the skin (epidermis). This thanks to the use of radiofrequency (12 sessions a week apart) interspersed with 3 sessions of fractionated CO 2 laser (for white stretch marks) or vascular laser or the LED (for red stretch marks).

The results are impressive:


           BEFORE       AFTER  





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