Moderate Peeling and skin Radiance

Moderate chemical peels

Peels are considered an accelerated form of exfoliation induced by cutaneous stimulation to eliminate portions of the epidermis and dermis in order to replace damaged tissue through epidermal and dermal regeneration. It is the deep peeling action that creates the desired improvements.
The new medium peels (SPOT PEEL), besides being absolutely painless, give stunning results as well as unparalleled skin quality.

Problems treated
• Brown spots and other minor scattered pigmentation disorders or the face and body.
• “Mask of pregnancy”. Melasma. Post-inflammatory pigmentation.
• Photo-aging or skin aging: the fight against dermal elastosis and all the negative consequences of sun exposure

- Lines and wrinkles

- Freckles, age spots, sun damage

The technique
Application of the selected agent either in liquid form or as a mask, after special preparation of the skin, followed by the application of topical regenerating preparations.

The program
• A single session is usually sufficient.
• Treatment to be renewed annually, as required.

• Bright, radiant skin.
• Excellent pigment lightning
• Improved texture and skin tone
• Smoothing of fine lines

The advantages of the technique
• Excellent results, most often obtained in one session.

• These peels require 4 to 7 days away from work and social engagements.
• Medium peels improve superficial lines, but do not eliminate deep wrinkles.


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